Clara R. Smit Deaf Rights Attorney,
a brief introduction.

Although Ms. Smit’s practice includes fighting all forms of discrimination based upon disability, age, sex, national origin and race,  she specializes in deaf rights cases and making change through legal intervention. Ms. Smit is the first and longest practicing attorney working in this field in New Jersey and is one of the few across the nation working to protect the rights of the Deaf. Her focus is communication access and the provision of sign language interpreters to ensure effective communication.


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In her 28 year career, Clara Smit Esq. has won many significant cases effectuating change in society to better the rights of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing. Below is a list of just a few of the many press releases and news articles that explain the significant victories Ms. Smit has won on behalf of her clients. Results in prior cases do not guarantee results in your case. Every case is different. Call us about your case.



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